DaVinci Beads for Every Birthday: Find Your Birthstone

DaVinci Beads for Every Birthday: Find Your Birthstone

Want to find the perfect bead for someone special? Need DaVinci beads for a birthday coming up? Want to know the meanings behind YOUR birthstone? Check out our handy guide:

January: Garnet is the birthstone for babies born during this month and we love the deep red color of this stone. January babies who wear garnet are said to be protected while traveling, as well as from nightmares. Strikingly beautiful DaVinci beads featuring garnet are a perfect gift.

February: Amethyst is said to strengthen relationships, give courage, and even mental clarity! This birthstone for February babies features a purplish hue and was at one time only worn by royalty. We carry DaVinci beads in amethyst to delight anyone with a February birthday.

March: Aquamarine is known for representing friendship, love, hope, and health, as well as protecting those at sea. Wear this sparkling gem in DaVinci beads if your birthday was in March, or if you love the sea and sky – the blue is the perfect shade!

April: Diamonds are known for being timeless and have been linked to strength, eternity, and love. April babies will love wearing cubic zirconium DaVinci beads that sparkle just like their favorite birthstone.

May: Emerald is the birthstone for this month and we love its rich green color. Emeralds are connected with health, healing, as well as the ability to see the future. Plus, it was a favorite of Cleopatra! Find this glimmering birthstone in DaVinci beads in our selection to celebrate May.

June: Pearls are for classic beauties – and June babies. Pearls represent chastity, modesty, and purity, not to mention, happy marriages. However, some June babies choose tourmaline as their birthstone. At CoppinsGifts.com, we carry the pink tourmaline birthstone DaVinci beads you’re searching for.

July: Ruby birthstones are simply ravishing and this stone is symbolic of protection and harmony. Spectacularly red, this stone is perfect on any DaVinic bead bracelet. Find beautiful ruby DaVinci beads to surprise any July baby for her birthday.

August: Peridot is known for keeping away those nightmares as well as for healing. This pretty green birthstone is reminiscent of the sun passing through the leaves on a warm August day. Delight someone with DaVinci beads in peridot just in time to add to her bracelet.

September: Sapphire is a beautiful deep blue and known for its association with faith, purity, and honesty. Absolutely stunning and perfect in any DaVinci bead bracelet, especially that of a September baby.

October: Opal is linked to hope, innocence and purity. This birthstone is great for anyone who celebrates a birthday in October, plus, it’s also symbolic of friendship. Some October babies prefer classic pink tourmaline instead, which is perfect for DaVinci bead jewelry.

November: Topaz is associated with healing, life, and strength. If you’re a November baby, you’ll love the look of a topaz DaVinci bead in your favorite bracelet. They sparkle with a beautiful warm tone that simply can’t be matched.

December: Turquoise is a precious stone linked with happiness, fortune and luck. For December babies, it’s the perfect way to celebrate the month of their birth. Add a turquoise DaVinci bead to your favorite piece of jewelry as a special birthday present.

Find all birthstone DaVinci beads in our selection. We know they’ll make the perfect present!