Coppin's Hallmark:  DaVinci Beads Galore!

Coppin's Hallmark: DaVinci Beads Galore!

Whatever time of year it is, there is always a good reason to get some Hallmark DaVinci Beads for someone you love. Fortunately, at Coppin's Hallmark, DaVinci Beads are very easy to come by! We have such a wide variety of these beautiful European-style beads that you'll be sure to find the perfect ones for everyone on your list. From birthstone Hallmark DaVinci Beads, to beads with all the letters of the alphabet, we have some suggestions for giving these beautiful pieces as gifts.

Hallmark DaVinci Beads: Family
One of our favorite styles of DaVinci Beads has to be the ones involving family. At Coppin's Hallmark, DaVinci Beads come in all sorts of designs. You can get the Silver Heart “Mom” Dangle for your mother, or you can get her a classic slider that says “Mother.” It all depends on her personal style! We also carry beautiful pieces that say “Sister,” “Daughter,” and “Grandmother.” No matter who you are shopping for, you'll find some Hallmark Davinci Beads for every member of the family. We think it's a cute idea to get a DaVinci bracelet with family charms for your daughter when she goes away to college for the first time. That way, she'll always have something to look at when she gets a little bit homesick.

Hallmark DaVinci Beads: Hearts & Expressions
Guys, when you're shopping for that special lady in your life, Hallmark DaVinci Beads are a thoughtful and beautiful way to show her how you feel. We have a great selection of beads with hearts that can let her know just how much you love her. From Heart Dangle beads, to sliders with red hearts, to dangle beads that read “Love,” you'll be able to find something that fits her personality. If you're shopping for a friend, you can find dangle beads that read “Peace,” “Faith,” and “Friends.” Whatever you're looking for, Coppin's Hallmark has DaVinci Beads you'll love!

Hallmark DaVinci Beads: Alphabet
Everyone loves initial charms. With DaVinci Beads, you can get alphabet charms for everyone in your family. Get your grandmother some beads with the initials of all of her grandchildren. Or you can even spell out someone's name. The options with the alphabet Hallmark DaVinci Beads are pretty much endless. And they look fabulous when you mix and match them with the Stoppers and Art Glass beads.

So go ahead and make someone's day with Hallmark DaVinci Beads!