My Pillow Pets

My Pillow Pets

To a child, few things compare to the warmth and security offered by a stuffed animal. Combine that with the functionality of a pillow, and you have My Pillow Pets! They are wonderful buddies at nap-time, on a road trip, on a plane ride, or anytime. My Pillow Pets are made of super-soft chenille, and they are anything but an ordinary stuffed animal. All you have to do is close the strap across their belly, and they transform into cute, cuddly pets. Undo the strap, and My Pillow Pets become comfortable pillows!

My Pillow Pets come in almost any animal imaginable. So whether your child loves dogs, cats, farm animals, wild animals, or imaginary animals, you'll find the right fit here in our collection! Available here at, My Pillow Pets are so soft and sweet, your child will never want to be too far away from his or her Pillow Pet!

Soft, cuddly, and oh-so-very cozy, My Pillow Pets pillows and blankets are the perfect gift for a little one who just wants to snuggle up to something sweet. Offering warmth and security, My Pillow Pets are the perfect buddy for naptime, playtime, and every time in between!

Hallmark Pillow Pets are made from super soft chenille and can transform from a favorite pillow to a stuffed animal in seconds. All you have to do is close the strap across their bellies and My Pillow Pets become not just pillows, but also cute, cuddly pets! For additional naptime fun, go with a My Pillow Pet blanket, which features a soft plush animal head to use as a small pillow, along with a warm and comfy blanket. My Pillow Pets pillows and blankets together are sure to make anyone feel cozy!

My Pillow Pets from Hallmark come in just about any animal variety you can think of, from Bear to Zebra. So whether your child loves dogs, cats, jungle friends, imaginary creatures or farm animals, you can always find the perfect My Pillow Pets or Pillow Pet Blanket from the selection at Soft and sweet, My Pillow Pets and Pillow Pet Blankets are sure to delight any child.