Whomp! Charmz Frequently Asked Questions

Whomp! Charmz Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Whomp! Charmz?

Whomp Charmz are fun, collectible charms made of an rubber-like material that kids love to use to play, collect, decorate with, and trade with friends. They come in varying themes so you can choose one that will match your child's style and imagination.

What do you do with Whomp! Charmz?

Whomp Charms are designed to turn silicone bracelets into charm bracelets to help children express their unique personalities in a constructive and positive way. They are made of the same material as the collectible Japanese erasers and are fully functional as an eraser. Kids love to wear them not only with their silicone bands, but on their earbuds, shoelaces, and anything else they can clamp or slide them on. We are seeing them used in new ways and decorating new things all of the time.

Will the charms work with any brand of silicone band?

Yes. Each Whomp! Charmz package comes with one band shaped to match the theme of charms you have selected, but they can be used with any other brand of bands including Silly Bandz, Zany Bandz or your child's favorite.

What styles of Whomp! Charmz are available?

The first five styles are Sassy Kitties, Bleeps and Bots (Robots and spaceships theme), Manic Monkeys, Pond Pals, and Chomp Dogs. More styles and themes will be introduced in the coming months.

What ages are Whomp! Charmz best for?

Any child will love Whomp Charmz, including older people that are still children at heart. They are most popular with children in elementary, middle school and Junior High. We recommend keeping them away from children under three years old because they are small and may be a choking hazard for infants or toddlers.

Where can I buy them?

You can buy them right here at CoppinsGifts.com and at other fine retailers across the country. CoppinsGifts.com offers quick shipping and very low prices on the hottest gift ideas around.

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