FAQ About DaVinci Beads

FAQ About DaVinci Beads

What are DaVinci Beads?

DaVinci Beads are high quality European charm beads that can be used on a bracelet or necklace to create unique and fashionable personalized jewelry. Hallmark DaVinci Beads were designed to bring affordability to the European, high-end style charm bead market that had been out of reach for many. With over 500 beads and growing, you are sure to find a combination that you will enjoy wearing.

How do I choose the right size bracelet for my DaVinci Beads?

Using a flexible measuring tape, measure around your wrist where your bracelet is likely to be worn. Because your DaVinci beads will need space on the inner circumference of the strand, add approximately 1 inch to the measurement, and that is the correct bracelet length. This should serve as a guide, but you can wear them looser or tighter as you prefer and as is comfortable. The more beads you add or plan on adding, the longer the bracelet will need to be, but for most women with a complete bracelet, the 1 inch guideline works very well.

What are DaVinci Beads made of?

With more than 500 beads available, it is impossible to list the materials used in the creation of each unique charm. DaVinci jewelry is made of a carefully crafted blend of jeweler’s metals that give the beads not only their signature quality look and shine, but also their durability and affordability. By blending the charms made of the different metals, stones, and quality designed art glass, you can create a complete necklace or bracelet for about the price that some brands charge for a single bead. DaVinci Bead jewelry may end up being the best investment you ever make because you can afford to wear and enjoy them wherever you go without taking out a separate insurance policy! Despite their affordability, Hallmark Davinci Beads will match any other European charm bead jewelry in craftsmanship and fashion style.

Are DaVinci Beads compatible with other styles of European Charm Beads?

Yes! DaVinci jewelry was designed to be compatible with all styles of European bead charms including Pandora, Biagi, Troll Beads, and Chamilia among others. DaVinci beads are non-threaded so they can slide on among nearly any other style of beads you may already own. Because of the quality workmanship of DaVinci Beads, you can be confident that they will look great next to any other brand on the market.

What are the most popular Davinci Beads?

Birthstone variation charms.

What kinds of DaVinci birthstone charms do you have?

Coppin’s Hallmark has a variety of charms for each birthstone including birthstone jeweled charms, art-glass colored charms, boy and girl specific birthstone charms and more. For your reference, the following chart will help you identify which stones match each month.













How do I create my DaVinci Bead jewelry?

First, decide if you are going to start with a bracelet or necklace. Don’t worry if you are not sure; charm bead jewelry is made to be changed, and the beads you buy can easily and quickly be moved back and forth on your bracelet and necklace base strands. We normally suggest choosing a theme. This can be a color pattern to match a style you are trying to achieve, birthstones representing those that are important in your life, or charms that remind you of special times in your life. Once you have an idea of what you are going to create, you are ready to start selecting charms.

Stoppers are an essential part of a bracelet. They keep the beads properly positioned and keep the other beads from coming off when the bracelet is removed. Begin and end your bracelet with the stoppers of your choice and then use your favorite combination of charm beads to create the jewelry you desire. Remember – there is no right or wrong. Whatever you create is uniquely yours, and you can change it anytime you wish.