Happy Nappers Are Slumber Party Pals!

Happy Nappers Are Slumber Party Pals!

Slumber parties are so much fun for kids, where all of their friends or cousins come together to spend an entire night awake! There are so many things to do to fill the night with fun - board games, truth or dare, and even movie marathons. Essential to every sleepover is the sugar rush, when children fill up on sweets and candy, in an attempt to stay up as late as possible together. Finally children will tire down and curl up in sleeping bags, because sleeping bags are always so much more fun than sleeping in a bed, of course. They’ll go to grab their favorite stuffed animal to curl up with. Their favorite animal is also their favorite pillow, when they have one of the Happy Nappers friends along for the slumber party.

Children can have hours of fun with their Happy Nappers pals along for fun-filled slumber parties. The cozy little Happy Nappers are soft and cuddly, perfect for small children to play and slumber with.

Both a great sleeping buddy and toy, Happy Nappers are better than any pillow to pack for slumber parties. There are just so many fun things your child can do with their Happy Napper on a slumber party!

· Have a stuffed animal themed slumber party! Invite everyone to bring a favorite stuffed animal along with their sleeping bags for a slumber party at your house. While other kids bring along their favorite stuffed animals, your children can bring their Happy Nappers to play with and sleep with. · Have a ‘home away from home’ slumber party. Pull out all of the sleeping bags and kiddy tents for a night of slumber in the living room or den. Happy Nappers bring their own special slumber homes, when you zip it up into its reversible home pillow. · Your child will be ready for any slumber party away from home with a Happy Napper packed for the night. No one has to know that your child doesn’t like to part with their favorite stuffed animal, because their stuffed animal is also a pillow! You can safely pack your child’s favorite stuffed Happy Napper for a night away from home, so they have a comfort object nearby.

Happy Nappers are a great nighttime pal and perfect toy for slumber parties at and away from home. Choose the perfect slumber party pal from the family of Happy Nappers here at CoppinsGifts.com.